Programming services from Dresden, Xojo Cross platform

Software Development

We develop in different languages and environments e.g. Java, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Xojo, SQL, Arango, AQL and many more.

Analysis, conception, implementation, test and putting into operation

The world of software development based on Java, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Angular
Developments, programming for the cloud-based solutions
Developments, programming from Dresden for the desktop
Developments, programming from Dresden for the iPad or tablet
Developments, programming from Dresden for the iPhone or other smartphones

Web-based solutions

Company websites are usually not just a business card. In many cases, services are offered online and linked to existing systems. Security plays a big role here to protect company data.

Many websites not only represent the company behind, but are also an extensive software. Information is generated from internal data or the interaction on the website with customers initiates processes and directly generates revenue.

Web-based systems can interface with other information sources or machines. Complex processes can be mapped.

Major advantages include the accessibility and the maintenance and expandability of only one solution.

Cross-platform development

For the desktop area we develop solutions that are executable as a native application on Apple's Mac, Windows and Linux and that with only "one" development!

"Quick" solutions for small tasks or company-wide implementations with communication across platforms are possible.

Cross Plattform developments for Windows
Cross Plattform developments for Apple Mac
Cross Plattform developments for Linux


Chronotan, time tracking, task management, password manager

Chronotan is a time recording software for self-employed, freelancers and anyone who wants to keep track of and work through their time.

Chronotan provides task management, password manager, note-taking and customer administration.

Chronotan time tracking

time tracking

Chronotan has been used by us and our customers since 2007 to settle their daily work. Originally developed as "potareos", Chronotan is now an important software inventory. A completely redesigned version 2 is currently under development.

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